Where can I see my current database size?

You can find the current storage (from here on out, DB size) in the table page, like in the example below:

The DB size refreshes on a continual basis, so your db size should be current. As you might expect, DB size changes when you connect additional data sources and generate data through web app usage because automatic data loading and ingestion, especially when you use an ETL tool like Stitch with Panoply.

In addition to being able to see your total storage usage on the Table page, as Jason mentioned, you can also look on the Payment page.

You can also use the following query to determine how much total storage your data occupies:

SELECT sum(size) FROM svv_table_info;

The returned value is the amount of data before vacuuming, and is returned in MB. After vacuuming, the size may decrease. Vacuuming is a process that Panoply performs automatically.