What kind of articles would you find most useful as a Panoply user?

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My name is Trevor and I am the editor in default for the Panoply blog. You might recognize me from such posts as #348 and… actually thats my only post here so far.

First, thanks for being a Panoply user! As a user myself, it’s good to know there are others braving the future of data management with me. I also get to watch the product, data architect, and engineering teams busting their butts to make a great product for you and I’d like to do the same when it comes to useful articles.

:pray: So the question is what do you want to learn more about? :pray:

Is it more hands-on SQL optimization stuff? ELT tips? Data viz? Interesting data projects? Analytics applications? Data management process and organization? Cat gifs???

If you cans spare a couple minutes please leave a comment on this post or send me an email at trevor@panoply.io . I’d love to know what you’re reading and what you’re into. Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated!