We're now fully integrated with Mixpanel. Let the analysis begin!

News, community highlights, events, releases and more.Panoply has built a new connector to Mixpanel that will allow you to collect your Mixpanel data, combine it with any other data and seamlessly connect it to a BI visualization of your choice. This means you’ll get a truly 360° view of your product’s performance, user behavior and revenue potential.

Note on how to add Mixpanel for existing customers:
The new Mixpanel will be released in July. It will NOT run on existing Mixpanel data sources configured in Panoply. A migration will need to occur.

To migrate follow these steps on or after July 1st:

  1. Disconnect existing Mixpanel data sources

  2. Remove Mixpanel data sources from the Data Sources page

  3. Delete all the Mixpanel tables in the Tables page

  4. On July 1st or later, create new Mixpanel data sources, schedule, and click Collect.

Note: when searching for the data source it will be named “Mixpanel.”

Please feel free to post here or chat with Panoply Support if you have any questions.