Update to Bing Ads data source integration into Panoply


Bing Ads announced a new upgrade of their API and with it a deprecation of metrics. These changes affect data ingested into Panoply’s data warehouse and potentially any calculations being run in Business Intelligence tools connected to Panoply. To mitigate the effect on our customers, we upgraded how Bing Ads are integrated as a data source into Panoply through a complete API upgrade.

The updated Bing Ads will be deployed on April 9th and will run on your existing data sources configured in Panoply.

Bing Ads will automatically begin to be ingested into Panoply using the latest data changes. These data changes are deemed significant enough to require manual changes. There are two ways you may manually change your Bing Ads data sources.

OPTION 1 (on or after April 9th)

Delete legacy Bing Ads tables. This is the recommended approach as it provides a clean data slate.

Follow these steps on or after April 9th:

  1. Disconnect existing Bing Ads data sources

  2. Delete all the Bing Ads tables in the Tables page.

  3. Reconnect the Bing Ads data sources, verify schedule, and click Collect.

OPTION 2 (before or after April 9th)

Truncate existing Bing Ads data sources. This option deletes the rows in the destination tables, it then brings new data without removing the table. Note: legacy column names will be retained though no data will be ingested for those columns.

Follow these steps before or after April 9th:

  1. Open existing Bing Ads data sources by clicking on them, this will expand the information you see

  2. Click the Advanced section, then check the box for "Truncate table"

  3. Click on the name of data source (e.g., "Bing Ads…"), this will collapse the information you see and automatically save any changes

  4. No further action required, the data source will run as scheduled and bring in the latest information starting April 9th.

You will need to take action to ensure your Bing Ads ingestion continues smoothly. You may follow either option described above. If you have any questions contact Panoply’s Customer Success team at: Support@Panoply.io.