Upcoming Tableau focused webinar on Nov 7 at 9am PT / Noon Eastern


Do you ever wish that someone could show you hands-on how to create data visualizations and dashboards in Tableau?

We’re doing just that, with Kate Strachnyi showing us how to get Panoply up and running and working with Tableau straight away!

We’ll explore all things Tableau+Panoply and explore how Tableau visualizations run more quickly and efficient when Panoply is present underneath.

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This webinar will appeal to both new and experienced professionals in the world of data analysis and visualization

Speaker bio: Kate Strachnyi is a :bar_chart: :chart_with_upwards_trend: data visualization & reporting expert at Deloitte and has extensive experience with data visualization tools such as Tableau. Kate is proficient with gathering user requirements and developing custom interactive reports and dashboards using multiple data sources and is also a Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate.