Stay in the know: 👀 at Panoply's new jobs screen!


Panoply has a brand new jobs page!

Get fast, simple performance updates on your Panoply jobs

Panoply’s brand new “Jobs” page allows users to always be on top of their activities and tasks in Panoply. Customers use Panoply’s Jobs page to quickly reference the status and progress of their activities using Panoply. This informative page lists all the actions, or “jobs,” a user has taken, including manual data source ingestions, data exports, alter, scheduled data collections, and view and query materializations.

To learn more, see our explanatory blog post!



This view is great and helpful. Thank you for adding this. Just have a

QQ, we’ve noticed that there are 3 types of materializations:
1.- AI Materialization
2.- View Materialization
3.- A type that just says Materialization and no more detail is shown Is this normal?. We have ~10 of these processes in pending.

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Hi Miguel thanks for the question. I took a look at your DB and that 3rd type you saw are actually AI materializations as well. We’ll investigate why they are showing as different than the other AI materializations.

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