Simplifying connections to popular business intelligence tools

We’re thrilled to be partners with many of the most popular business intelligence tools, enabling our customers to connect their Panoply warehouse to platforms such as Chartio, Tableau, Looker and more.

To help users understand how to connect their BI tools we put together documentation for some of the most popular tools connected to Panoply. This documentation is now directly accessible from the platform to make it easier to find. This is our first step in improving you ability to connect a BI tool. In the future we will work with our BI partners to allow you to automatically connect your tools.

As always, we’re always looking for feedback. If you have any to share, please leave a comment below!

@jason - Some maybe less popular tools but very interesting form a community standpoint would be interesting. The 2 I’ve been testing are below.


Great call @abeltz. Those are becoming pretty popular. We will continue adding more as time goes on.

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