See the World with Travel Photographer @kirstenalana Tableau Dashboard

See the World with Travel Photographer @kirstenalana
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Short Description:
A visualization of Panoply’s Instagram Data Challenge to explore popular posts, location and the best time to visit from @kirstenalana Instagram data

Long Description:
It is really hard to analyze what kind of post would be popular because of the subjectivity of photos posted on Instagram. However, with the selection of certain time range and locations, an influencer can analyze the details of the image posted that garnered more likes and comments (which means people “talked” about it) and decide the type of images he/she should post next.
This dashboard is also useful for travelers that they could check what kind of locations are worth to visit in a certain time range. It can also give travelers an idea about hotels and/or places that are worth visiting in a specific location (e.g., New York = Central Park). Therefore, the category of “Most impactful data insight” might contain this.

SQL code:

select,, k_media.likes_count, k_media.type, k_media.filter, k_media.created_time, k_media.user_has_liked, k_media.comments_count,
k_med_loc.latitude, k_med_loc.longitude,, k_med_loc.instagram_media_id,
from kirstenalanainstagram_instagram_media as k_media
left join kirstenalanainstagram_instagram_media_location k_med_loc
on = k_med_loc.instagram_media_id
left join kirstenalanainstagram_instagram_media_tags as k_med_tags
on = k_med_tags.instagram_media_id
and k_med_loc.instagram_media_id = k_med_tags.instagram_media_id;

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Thanks so much! Love the use of the image and thanks for including the SQL.

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I am thinking it would be better if you could also let us see the actual post page in the phone image.
But it is great overall.


I am glad you like it!
We do have that version actually but the refused to connect when we published on Tableau Public. However, it looks great indeed!
And here is the dashboard.


very cool dash layout, nice job :slight_smile: just curious, any particular reason you used number of records rather than comment count in the chart on the top?


Thank you!

I think it is a balancing problem between quality and quantity. As we could see, she posts a lot in the beginning but only gained a few likes. It meant the images she posted might fail to fulfill the target audience. Or maybe she doesn’t have a target audience at that time. With time goes by, we could see the trend that the more she posts, the more likes she would get. It is actually very steady.

Again, the helps influencers know whether they should post more or not. As the timeline has shown above, she reduced the number of posts recently and the likes she gained also reduced which could be a warning.

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