Recover selected tables configuration of Data source

We have lost configured selected tables (most probably because UI is a bit confusing and someone unchecked ‘All tables’ checkbox and it got saved because there was no explicit button to save and minimizing a data source save the configuration without any alert.).

Is there any way to recover previous configuration for a data source ?

We are also looking to create multiple data sources, although it is very difficult to figure it if a tables is already part of existing data source or not ? Is there any way to get this information ?
Having that information will simplify process of create multiple data sources.

I would also suggest that there there should be explicit button to save data source.

Thank you for the feedback. We will open a support ticket for you and you will be contacted by email shortly to get some more information about your issue.

Thanks for the feedback @rohit about the button to save the data source. I wanted to make sure you knew that the suggestion made its way to the product backlog. Very good input.