Random Feedback

Had some issues collecting data yesterday. Data collection would show multiple successes in “jobs” section, but “tables” section stayed empty (in this particular case, after three consecutive collections). Signed out/in, removed data sources, and it worked after that.

Also, had some trouble pulling the “right” amount of sample data from amazon s3 datasource. Sat next to friend, made sure we entered the same parameters, but could not consistently end up with same data (mostly due to mistakes on my side, but at least some were not).

And the ability to delete multiple tables quickly would be nice, but otherwise, good.

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Hi jonseanyu. Thank you for the candid feedback. Sorry to hear the above. I’m from the Panoply product team. Would very much like to hear more. I’ll private message you.

Hello Johel!
Yea, no problem, happy to help. What information do you need?