R Studio + Panoply


Has anyone successfully connected R Studio to their Panoply warehouse? I’m on a Mac, which is creating its own set of problems, but common ODBC drivers in R include PostgreSQL and the usual suspects. Would love to work with the larger datasets, workarounds welcome!


Hi there,
What seems to be the error you are running into?


I’ve had success using the RPostgresSQL package. The syntax to connect to your db would look something like this, but you would need to replace the placeholders in single quotes with the information found in the connection details within Panoply…

drv <- dbDriver(“PostgreSQL”)
samplecon <- dbConnect(drv,
host = ‘host’,
port = ‘port’,
user = ‘user’,
password = ‘password’,
dbname = ‘dbname’)
sampledf = dbReadTable(samplecon, ‘tablename’)


Thanks Skyler and Matan,

I think my current issue is working with the drivers and DSN outside user permissions on my work comp. I’ll try again today from an admin to try and troubleshoot from there.


Wrapping this up, just had a small syntax issue that I fixed and everything is good to go! Thanks for the input all.

dbname = “name”,
host = “host”,
port = port,
user = “user”,
password = “pass”)