Questions and Answers from our 6/12 Kimberly-Clark Webinar



On June 12, we held a webinar with Hellena Carre and Robert Barmforth of Kimberly-Clark’s EMEA team and with Riley Maris of Tableau. If you missed it, you can see the on-demand replay.


Q: Do you have an architecture document? I don’t understand how Panoply replaces ELT.
A: Please get in touch with a solution specialist so we can walk you through this exploration. We also have collateral describing some of the connectors (what most users mean by ETL).

Q: When you pull data sources in - who creates the curated fact tables after they are staged in an operational data store
A: The users of Panoply are responsible for creating any derived tables. As a general rule, we do not generate these automatically but allow users full flexibility in this.

Q: How does Panoply charge for their services? is it by source or by volume?
A: Our pricing is based on data volume and storage. Please see for more information.

Q: Dear Panoply team, the output of the system is in Tableau only or we can connect any other IT solution?
A: Panoply works with dozens of BI tools and partners, in addition to Tableau.

Q: I can view Panoply + Redshift, this is, the result of the optimization and machine learning is only with Redshift or it work on other platform solution (Google Cloud [BigQuery])?
A: We can collect data from a variety of sources. We don’t have a native connector for BigQuery but we do for Google Cloud datastore.

Q: How does Panoply help with data governance?
A: We leverage all the built in capabilities of Redshift to help with data governance. However, any data governance functionality a user wants will have to be implemented on their side.

Q: How often does the data get updated using Panoply?
A: Panoply customers can set automatic data updates in the platform.

Q: I have a question for Tableau, to connect live from Tableau server to a excel on a share driver, i can access the excel file in Tableu desktop, but when the workbook published to the Tableau server, it could not access the excel file on the share drive. (include external file unchecked when publishing, also universal path name is included).

A: Three steps: (1) Make sure that the Tableau Server run as account has read access to the shared drive (2) Within the workbook, point at the Excel file via the share drive with a UNC notation (\servername\sharedrive\abc.xls). This allows the Tableau Server to not have to know the drive mapping (i.e. Z:) (3) When publishing the workbook, uncheck “include external files.” This allows a direct pointer to the UNC path. With it checked on, Tableau Server will hold a copy of the data associated with the workbook and then updates will not be reflected.

Q: In the marketplace - who are your major competitors? Example - fivetran, stitch, alooma, alteryx?
A: We’re a data warehouse, so we work with and also compete with many of the vendors you mention. We also compete with companies such as Snowflake.

Q: Do you have real-time replication from MySQL database?
A: The short answer is ‘no’. At Panoply, we don’t prevent users from replicating data as fast as they can but we do not offer a tool for this. Users will need to leverage a partner technology on the ETL side or build their own.

Q: Can you actually demo Panoply? Start to finish - from a source like MySQL.
A: Yes! We offer a 21 day free trial for you to see if Panoply works for you.