Pushing Panoply queries to Google Sheets

We all know those people… the data user who is, and always will be, more comfortable in working in spreadsheets instead of raw SQL or a BI tool. Today, you have an elegant an inexpensive answer to providing them with the data they want in the way they want it.

Parabola.io use to be a neighbor in our building and I finally got the chance to play around with their app. Here is my simple flow to push a Panoply SQL query results to Google Sheets so my team can get wild in the sheets!


The nice thing is, I can run this manually for free (!) and it only costs $9/month to schedule the exports. Have a nice Thursday!

Aaand… on top of that, you can push the data into Salesforce, Hubspot, and a host of other destinations to take action on your data!

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