Panoply Wants to Sponsor Your Meetup!


Are you a Meetup organizer? If your meetup has a connection to data - whether it’s MarTech, Data Science or any data-driven discussion, we want to hear from you!


We’re looking for innovative meetups to sponsor and grow awareness around being #data-driven through Panoply. We would like to sponsor your event, including food/beverage costs and ask for a low-key presence at your next event.

Specifically we’ll:

  • Provide $300 for your next event to go towards food/beverage/space (you decide)
  • Provide easy messaging for you to adjust/edit into your meetup’s voice/tone
  • Provide $100 in credits for anyone who signs up for Panoply in your Meetup group

All we ask is that:

  • You use our logo and 2 sentence mention in your meeting invite/communications
  • Use our logo in an opening slide when announcements are being made
  • Tweet/send a photo of the meetup in action. Please tag @panoplyio and include #MeetPanoply as a part of the post

Optionally, we’d love for you to send us a link to the Meetup/presentation - so we can feature it on our website and social channels. We’d love to help spread your amazing content and ideas.

Interested? Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch!