Our BI Tool Set


I’ll be the first to kick it off.

I’m fairly obsessed with EasyMorph as a ETL/Analysis tool and I’ve mostly stopped using Excel because of it and we stay out of SSIS. I use this for the following types of processes:

  • Verification Source = Target
  • Scheduling Batch Jobs to run/send notifications to IT and reports based on criteria to Sales teams
  • We just built a process that also created a data depot - Request via web front end, easy morph handles the transfer then request is processed in Panoply, and EasyMorph formats it and sends it out via Email or FTP depending on Site (I’ll do some show and tell on that later)

When I’m feeling lazy or want to cheat on complex joins & queries I use Database Browser.

For running queries in general I’m fully on HiediSQL which handles everything except for Postgresql properly form me. So when I’m working in Panoply I use Sqlectron however, I’m not set on it as its pretty slow, but at least it will show me all of my tables & views until HiediSQL works for me.

For Dashboards and standard reports we are a PowerBI shop.

I’m excited to see what others have to share.

  • Adam


Thanks for posting, @abeltz!