New Data Governance features offers granularity

However, it’s important for the right data to get into the hands of those who need it - in that vein, we’ve built our Teams feature that can be used to grant access to certain data in a secure and limited (when necessary) fashion. When we first introduced Teams, the new functionality enabled admins and editors to grant view-only access to databases within Panoply.

Now, with Viewers, we’ve enabled a way to assign specific uses read-only permissions to any table within your warehouse - so you can ensure sensitive data, or subsets of your data to be seen by relevant audiences without granting them unneeded access.

With our new enhancements to Teams, more granular control can be granted including:

  • View-only access to tables
  • Denying view access on restricted tables
  • Granting access based on a person’s role within your organization

See the blog for added information.