NetCDF variable type unrecognized


I tried to open an nc. file from NASA chlorophyll data sets with Panoply, but realized the “type” of the chlorophyll column (and all other variable columns) was not recognized/identified and the “Create Plot” button is not available.

For a reference, same issue with the unrecognized variable type also showed up when trying to load the data file with RStudio with the nc_open command.

(Error message in R: > nc_open(“”)
Error in ncvar_type_to_string(rv$precint) :
Error, unrecognized type code of variable supplied: -1)

Is there any possible solution for this issue?

Thank you,



I believe that you’ve reached the wrong Panoply. We offer an easy way to sync, store and access your data. We are not part of Nasa’s Panoply.


OK my bad… I thought this was about using Panoply to convert and process climatological data. Sorry!