My Instagram Data Challenge Submission


Although I check my Instagram feed multiple times daily and enjoy looking at pictures from my favorite pizza spots more often than I would like to admit, I don’t post on my own feed very much. So, when I was thinking about what I would like to explore with my Instagram data, I decided to keep it pretty simple.

The question:
What posts get the most likes on my Instagram account?

The short answer:
Pictures of me and pictures of me with my friends…in the month of April.

The long(er) answer:
I first joined Instagram in 2013, 3 years after its initial launch. At that point, it wasn’t nearly as popular or used as it is today. Not all of my friends had accounts yet, so when I first started posting I didn’t get many likes per post. To this day I only allow people I actually know to follow my private account, so as more people I knew joined Instagram my likes count per post continued to grow as well (pretty intuitive).

I have received the most likes per post within the last 3 years and 3 of my most liked 5 posts were all in the month of April. The content that does the best for me are pictures of myself, but not selfies, or me doing things outdoors with my friends. This isn’t too surprising to me since I only interact on Instagram with people I have met face-to-face. Following the logic of my own behavior/interactions with people I know on Instagram, it is fun to see where people are in their lives or see how they’ve changed, which garners more attention = more likes.

I used a very simple SQL code to query my Instagram data and visualized it in Metabase. You can take a look at my likes over time since joining Instagram in the graph here.

This is the SQL code that powered this query:


Hi there, I am really late to enter this challenge but will try to submit before 30th April. I am able to login and play with the data tried Pokemon sample data as well as able to login and play with my instagram data but given i dont use much i cannot able to get any insight or visualization. Regarding the challenge i want connect through Amazon S3 by following the instructions but its asking for AWS Access Key and AWS Access for accessing the url provided for challenge (s3://panoply-instagram-challenge/ShinestyInstagram). There is no instrution how to bypass the AWS credentials or how to setup account. I even tried that on Amazon S3 but i stopped at the moment when it asked to enter the billing credentials. Kindly advise me if there is any test credential to import the instagram data or instagram credentials to impact the data of s3://panoply-instagram-challenge/ShinestyInstagram.
Thanks much

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Hi there,
It looks like you’re unable to connect to the S3 bucket we’ve made available for the challenge.

Can you verify that you’re using s3://panoply-instagram-challenge/ShinestyInstagram as your address?


Hi Jason,
yes i am using the same URL you mentioned and i am doing that with Data Source S3 but its asking for AWS key and credentials.
Kindly advise if i need to create those credentials to get the data?


Just to be sure, on this screen, which I accessed by just clicking Add New Data Source -> Amazon S3.

Just click ‘Next’ – no credentials are needed here. Also, be sure there’s no space or whitespace after you paste the address URL there.


Got it space was the culprit.

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