Mismatch on number of rows shown in tables page



While doing some clean up in one of our tables I noticed a mismatch on the number of rows that is shown in the tables page compared to the number reported if you do a COUNT in the same table.

This is what is shown in Tables page

When I do a COUNT when selecting all rows on that table it gives me 781 rows though.

Previously that table had 858 rows and it was correct but then after deleting a couple of rows that had empty data the number in the Tables page was not updated.

Is this expected?


This is indeed expected. The numbers will align again once the table will be vacuumed. We vacuum that tables automatically on a daily basis based on the needs. If rows in the table are being updated or deleted you will see this mismatch until the table will be vacuumed. As the vacumming process might take some time we do vacuum the table after each ingestion or deletion.
The real true number will always be the COUNT query.


I get it. Thank you for the clarification :+1: