Metabase issues, new fields and tables not showing up


Right now a lot of issues with Metabase. Updates in panoply are not showing up in metabase. that includes

  • new views
  • new tables
  • new fields in existing tables

This problem is for both materialized and non materialized tables.

The data is there, because i can access it via sql queries within metabase, but not via the normal filtering features.

Also - the redshift driver for panoply in metabase stopped working, not sure if this is related

Panoply advised they are looking at it, but it has been a week with no resolution.

Has anyone encountered this, and have any suggestions or solutions?

I’m on v 33.0

FYI here is a github thread on the topic, it appears based on the response on metabase side, that this issue appears it may be exclusive to panoply.