March 2020 Instagram API deprecation

What’s happening?

Instagram, as of the end of March 2020, is replacing their existing API.

In its place, a new API has been made available through Facebook, Instagram’s parent company.

In your Panoply warehouse, this means any existing data collections will fail or not sync new data.

To be ahead of this change, Panoply started development of a new Instagram data source which uses Facebook’s API.

We expect a public release by mid-April.

When is it happening?

March 31, 2020 Instagram plans to stop sending data through the legacy API. By mid-April, Panoply plans to have a new version of Instagram that uses Facebook’s APIs.

What are my action items?

No immediate action required. Once Panoply releases the new Instagram data source, a migration will need to occur.

To migrate follow these steps once we release the new Instagram data source:

  1. Disconnect existing Instagram data sources
  2. Remove Instagram data sources from the Data Sources page
  3. Delete all the Instagram tables in the Tables page
  4. Create and collect from the new Instagram data source.

Note : when searching for the data source it will be named “Instagram”