Jinal's Instagram Data Challenge


Hello Everyone,

Being an avid Instagram fan myself, this challenge was perfect for me with my passion for data analytics and Instagram. Starting as a social Spending a couple of hours every day scrolling on Instagram, it was never just a social media tool for me. It’s a platform to express, learn and get inspired by many strong men/women out there.
This is the Dashboard I created in Chartio-

So here are the analysis i worked on and I tried to keep it simple and effective-

  1. Question- Best time of day for posting?

Here, I thought that it would involve multiple factors on understanding the best time for posting. Turns out the best time is during lunch hours 12-2 pm where the post gets average likes and comments.

SQL I used:
SELECT to_char(created_time, ‘HH24’) as “time”, avg(likes_count) as “average likes”, avg(comments_count) as “Average comments”
FROM kirstenalana_instagram_media

I am unable to add all images in one being a new user and will have to add the charts in different posts.

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I’ll change your permissions so you can post multiple images.