Is it possible to automate SQL scripts in Panoply?


We have a handful of tables that are being pulled in via Stitch using an API. Some of these tables need to be pivoted or have linked tables manually created and updated on a regular basis. Is there a tool that will easily connect to Panoply to achieve this (similar to SSIS for SQL Server, Alteryx, etc.)?


Hi Marcia,
Alteryx works well with Panoply (using the Postgres driver). Another option that might help the functionality you are looking for is Pentaho.
The connection details to your instance, which you will use when connecting to the external tool, are under the ‘Connect’ tab in your account.


Hi Marcia -
Just to add something to this. I have this concept as well and we use EasyMorph which works really well for us.


Thank you so much for your suggestions. I’ll definitely check out both of these options!