Here’s my submission, made with Tableau.


My free trial ended, so I’m going to switch data sources back to local files for now.

Great post Jonathan. I really like the timeline controls on your Tableau data story. Well done!

~ Nathan

@jonseanyu, awesome narrative and visuals! Unfortunately, the “influential determinants” stats and groupings aren’t loading for me. If this is due to your trial’s expiration, let me know the DB name and I will promptly extend the trial. Thanks!

Okay, I’m not sure why but please let me try to update it first. I’ve kept working at it and I think I’ve found more interesting stuff.

Updated, please try now!/vizhome/CoronaWorldStats1/Story1

Amazing! Art meets insights!

Thanks NPT and trevor!

Jonathan: this is a big ask (!)… I’m working on a presentation for my master’s class in BI and need to make country-by-country comparisons & forecast, using both incidents of covid-19 and country demographics… any way you can share your data set?

p.s. - guessing you’re using several live feeds to get your data; for our project we’re stopping at 4/15, so just a capture of present data would be more than sufficient

yes, let me make an extract of the data

or here’s a link to the original data:

ok i’ve changed the workbook options so that the workbook and data can be downloaded.

Great… thanks!

I was able to do the extraction yesterday via Tableau desktop, for the dates 1/22/20 – 4/15/20, which I assume was the result of some action on your part. Thank you very much for this… the granularity of information you captured is way beyond anything I was able to find in my searches and will enable our project to more quickly relate countries and their experiences. I appreciate your help!

no problem. by the way, i found the original source (or at least remembered the name)—the bulk of it is from the “Global Competitiveness Index”. you should be able to find direct downloads to it and similar datasets by just googling that. have fun!

Again… thanks!

Updated viz again after more study:!/vizhome/CoronaWorldStats1/COVID-19-coroavirusdisease2019