How can I integrate adsense with google sheets

How can I integrate adsense reports with google sheets? And schedule daily reports?

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Good Tuesday to you @netominas.

Panoply has connectors for both Google AdWords and Google Sheets. Simply add the data sources and you’ll have both sets of data in your Panoply warehouse.

As for scheduling daily reports - I’m unsure what you mean. If you mean reports such as dashboards etc - Panoply provides the data warehouse but you’d have to work with a data visualization tool such as Chartio, Tableau or Looker, which we fully integrate with.

If you mean daily pulls of data from either of these these two data sources - these can easily be scheduled within Panoply.

Also to follow on - you’d mentioned adsense, not AdWords - we provide adsense as a data source as well - you’ll see it in the Panoply platform.

Hi Jason,

I already added Adsense as a data source to my account.

But where is this data displayed? How can I export to a Google spreadsheet?

Exporting out to Google Sheets is something we don’t support - You should check out SeekWell as an option.

But the import data is not displayed in the TABLE menu