Has anyone connected an Enterprise Data Catalog to db.Panoply.io?


We use multiple BI and Reporting tools. I would like to document our data, insert business semantics (business friendly descriptions), data owner, etc.

Each of our BI Tools has its own catalog but that means that we have to enter the changes multiple times and surely the same data element will end up with different names. For example, Chartio has a good catalog but the changes are not visible in Tableau or Qlikview.

There are several Enterprise Data Catalogs available such as: Informatica, Alation, IBM, etc.

Has anyone had experience connecting to Panoply?

Any suggestions?


Hey there Roger.

We’re happy to help - but we’d love to know…what issue can we help you solve?




An Enterprise Data Catalog is just that, One Place to document all of your data elements. See the details and some product names above.

Gartner releases a study and ranking of the available products if you would like to understand what they do.

Thanks for your interest in helping,