Feature announcement: Panoply Teams


Happy Monday everyone! :tada:

Today we’re excited to announce a new feature within Panoply - Teams!

Our new feature enables Panoply customers to grant permissions and provisioning on tables within their data warehouse - so admins can ensure their data users have the right access for their role or objectives.

Panoply’s Teams feature can be used for granting teams access to certain databases to be more efficient in distributing data, but it can also be used to keep data secure based on a need-to-know basis only. As you know, some data can be sensitive or fall under compliance or regulatory limitations, requiring permission from a responsible administrator so that only a limited, designated analyst or analytics team has access to this data or database.

For more information on Teams - see our Blog announcement post and of course our Docs section.

Over in Docs, you can learn how to add users, grant and revoke permissions and more.

Also - know that we’ll be rolling out more functionality and capabilities to Teams. Have improvements or features you’d like us to consider? Leave a comment here!