Exception while reading from stream (Multiple Tools)


Hi -

I’ve noticed that on particularly large queries I’m running into errors when the data begins to be downloaded to my machine. It tends to present itself as “Exception while reading from stream”.

Is this potentially something with perhaps a driver compatibility or a network issue on my side?

I’ve seen it pop up in EasyMorph as well as PowerBI. I have a ticket open with Microsoft on the PowerBI Side as well.


Hi Adam,

It looks like something to do with the network on your side. Have a look at https://community.powerbi.com/t5/Desktop/Postgresql-Exception-while-reading-from-stream/m-p/238272#M105943

They mention there that the firewall actually blocked some packets. Can that be the issue on your end as well?

Have you tried to run similar queries with any other tool?


Hi Alon - we’ve made tweaks and it seams to have helped. Thank you.