Defining primary keys


I thought, a couple of weeks ago, that there was a way in the web interface to specify primary keys like {key1}-{key2}. Now, I only see the option of choosing whether each field is primary or not. Was this an intended change? If so, is Panoply sure that the order of chosen keys is not important?




Hi there!

I checked with our product team and no changes have been made to our platform.

We have two areas where you can declare primary keys…see below:

Here’s a shot of our Tables page

and here’s the Data Sources page:

Here you can set the key as you describe.

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Thanks. Is choosing the keys in the first area, the Tables page, equivalent to setting the primary key on the data source?

If I choose field1 and field2 are both part of primary key in tables, is that the same thing as setting
{field1}-{field2} on the data source?

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No, it’s not the same. For your use case, it’s best to specify PK in the data sources screen.



Thanks. What happens when these definitions (Tables vs Data Source) conflict?

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