Deckgl/JS/React Map Rendering of Instagram Posts


I chose to use a map based visualization using Kirsten Alana’s instagram data. I also added a bar to show post likes in reference to overall min/max likes. Used Sketch for prototyping the design, and DeckGL/JS/React. Also, added CSS for mobile friendly viewing. :slight_smile:

SQL query:
SELECT, likes_count, latitude, longitude, name, link, url, kirstenalanainstagram_instagram_media.created_time, text
FROM kirstenalanainstagram_instagram_media
JOIN kirstenalanainstagram_instagram_media_location
ON = kirstenalanainstagram_instagram_media_location.instagram_media_id
JOIN ka_instagram_media_images_standard_resolution
ON =
JOIN ka_instagram_media_caption
ON =


nice map :slight_smile: silky smooth animation too!


Great Visualization! I tried to use the posting page but it stopped me from Instagram when I use it on Tableau Public

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