Connecting to Twitter data?

im trying to connect social media data to our DW. its pretty stright forward to make the connection, but when connecting to twitter specifically we seem to get tons of tables that are very confusing, and the documentation provided isnt a ton of help. has anyone managed to tame the tables that import from twitter? im trying to get basic metrics, similar to what facebook provides, things like, engagment, impressions, likes, retweets, etc. can anyone provide any guidance as to which tables these would be located in or how this can be achieved? (or let me know the very obvious thing that i am probably missing?)


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Hi there! We have our Twitter Docs page which lays out all the fields.

For example, Twitter_Tweets has most of the fields you reference.
See here:

Hi Jason, I noticed that, but when you could export data from twitter you could get impressions, engagement, and engagement rate. Are those available some place?


Hi there @conwayn! I wanted to loop back here and let you know yes, it is possible in some tools to see impressions, engagement stats etc. However, Panoply doesn’t ingest these fields.