Bo McCready Instagram Data Challenge Submission

Check out my submission to the Instagram Data Challenge here!

Here’s a screenshot of the first dashboard, but there are two other dashboards to click through and explore, so make sure you use the link above and check out the interactivity.

My biggest takeaway from analyzing Kirsten’s Instagram data is that although there may be marginal differences in post success by time of day or location, the biggest common factor in Kirsten’s most successful posts is that they feature a unique and eye-catching photo. Amazing content seems to matter more than anything else!

For this project, I didn’t use any SQL; instead, I connected directly to the data from within Tableau, which was easy and intuitive. You can download the workbook from Tableau Public to see exactly what I did.

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really beautiful dash, nice job.

also, for some reason, even though i could download your workbook, tableau wasn’t able to open it :confused:

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