Bing Ads Now Available in Panoply



Welcome to April everyone!

We’re back with news of a new data source available in Panoply for your querying, analysis and visualization enjoyment!


Do you use Bing Ads as a part of your marketing platform? You can now collect campaign, ad, and ad group resources into your Panoply data warehouse in addition to ads data from Twitter, Facebook and more.


do you have any documentation on this Data Source


@tom Thanks for the question! This data source is brand new so we don’t have docs associated with it just yet.
Tell me - do you have a specific question or set of questions we can answer off the bat?
Thanks, sir!


Just looking for the schema of what you bring down -

I assume you bring down info campaigns, assets, ads, keywords —

Don’t know if you allow choosing specific Dimensions and Measure like your Google Analytics Data Sources.

I will just create a Source and see what my choices are



Hi. The Bing Ads integration seems to be fairly limited in terms of the number of reports that it offers. For example, the report that I need is the keyword performance report, but it’s not available an an option to check in the data source. Am I missing something? How do I get reporting on keywords with Bing?


We appreciate your question. I’m on it and looking to get you an answer ASAP. :slight_smile: