6/29 Webinar: Questions and Answers



On 6/29, Senior Data Architect @matt gave the inaugural weekly webinar on how to get started with Panoply. Below are the questions asked with Matt’s answers.

What other data sources does Panoply support?

Anything that can be represented as a flat file such as JSON or CSV or an Excel spreadsheet can be imported into Panoply. Then we can transform it after import in Panoply in case any schema or similar changes need to be made.

For working with more specific data sources, we build implementation with additional data sources every week and every month. If you have a data source you’d like to see is implement, please submit a request via emailing support@panoply.io

Also, we have partnerships with data integrators - including Fivetran and Stitch Data, specifically. If there’s a data source that Panoply doesn’t support - it’s possible one of our integration partners do, requiring no additional coding, transformation, etc.

How is Panoply different from BigQuery?

BigQuery from Google, is a great product. The simple answer is that Panoply automates all the maintenance of a data warehouse. We handle ingestion, tuning, scaling and management of the data warehouse. Also, our product is standards compliant with regards to SQL and allows access to many BI tools and data source connectors.

Any other questions? Hit us up here in the Community!


Is there a link to the webinar recording(s)?


Hi Adam - here’s the URL: http://try.panoply.io/weekly-webinar-thank-you-video/